Coppelion Episode 02 Review

Well after the cliffhanger ending of the first episode I expected the start to be dramatic but things didn’t turn out how I’d expected. What was gun shots was actually other humans, one of which had taken Taeko hostage in demand for his daughter back. It doesn’t take long though for Ibara to settle the situation whilst Taeko is obviously far more concerned for the shot wolf. It’s more development of characters and it’s nice to see they’re so diverse from each other whilst still being similar. It soon becomes clear that the hunt for this lost child isn’t as straight forwards as it initially sounds.

Taeko and Ibara accompany the father towards where they expect the child to have gone to, leaving Aoi alone with the father’s new wife. It is during this time with the two alone that we learn more about the background of Coppelion, how the three girls are genetically engineered exactly for this mission they’re on. As Aoi’s emotions get the better of her she rushes into the bathroom to avoid showing her emotional distraught at the story that the father’s wife was telling her only to find the woman she was talking to gone. At the same time there is no sign of the lost girl at the race track and Taeko and Ibara begin to suspect that all isn’t as it seems. As they hurry back they realise the father is no longer where he was left either, meaning everyone is missing.

The truth soon comes to light and after an emotional confrontation where we’re shown a deep insight into Ibara’s emotions about her current state she rescues the lost child only to lose the girl’s new mother. This leaves her even more distraught, only to be snapped out of it momentarily to try and rescue the father. It’s not a happy ending and it’s a very emotional episode early on in the series which I didn’t expect. It’s really pleasing to see that despite being genetically engineered for a biohazard mission the girls do still have deep emotions despite everything that goes on.

I’m still unsure what I think about Coppelion but it’s definitely emotional with it’s dramatic story. The characters are interesting although Aoi’s hyperactivity is already beginning to annoy me a little although she does show more sides to her during this episode. Definitely a better episode than  the debut.

Rating: 7/10


Fairy Tail Chapter 358 Review

The Tartaros arc seriously kicks off this chapter after Laxus’ entrance at the end of the previous chapter. Just one main annoyance, how can a character not have a name? That makes it hard to write about but ah well. Laxus isn’t messing around this chapter and despite the initial shock at the fact his foe is non-human he is quick to fight back, nimbly avoiding anything his opponent throws at him. We’re not shown much more of the Tartaros’ member’s abilities as he just keeps using the same wind tornado type move that he used against the others previously. Laxus is quick to strike back, angry at the damage that was caused by this demonic foe.

Mid-chapter and it looks like Laxus is victorious and there are plans being made for questioning and restraining this member of Tartaros. However things don’t go so smoothly and we’re witness to the main skill of the ‘immortal’ Tartaros member. As he explodes and scatters Magical Barrier Particles things suddenly change favour. Whilst he’s fated to have to return back to the Tartaros base it is immediately clear that these particles are bad news, sapping the magical energy out of the mages there. It is explained how it acts and we’re witness to a dire weakening of the Fairy Tail mages, all in danger of death at this rate. Laxus decides to be the hero again, inhaling a ridiculous amount of this toxin before the scene changes to all five mages in hospital beds back at the Fairy Tail guild hall.

We’re shown with Porlyusica explaining the fate of the mages, luckily they’re all planned to survive, as expected due to it being in Fairy Tail. Freud comes to and asks about the village Laxus was trying to save with his actions to which he’s lied to as the toxin is still spreading heavily, causing chaos and fatalities around the village. This entire event angers Natsu to the point where he declares war on Tartaros.

Overall a very thrilling chapter with a mixed about of action, drama and emotion. This has the potential to overwrite the Magic Tournament arc as my favourite arc if it carries on at this rate.

Rating: 8/10

Naruto Chapter 653 Review

Last week’s chapter ended with what could be one of the final confrontations between Naruto and Obito, with Naruto trying to reason with his enemy. The main enemies within Naruto always seem to share traits with the main protagonist and once again Naruto points this out to Obito, explaining just how alike they are and that they just took different paths. Regardless of what Naruto says though, Obito continually disputes his claims, arguing for his own actions and tries to back them up with reasons of his own. This angers Naruto which leads to a flashback scene of Obito’s, allowing the reader to become even more accustomed with this enemy who has been causing trouble for over a hundred chapters.

The flashback admittedly is sweet, mostly focusing on the bond between Rin and Obito. It shows how important Rin was to Obito and how he felt about her which is snapped out of when Obito continues to argue against Naruto’s claims. The main dispute is about what it takes to be a good Hokage, with Naruto snapping at Obito once again when he makes excuses for his behaviour. Another flashback interrupts the current passage of time, still focusing around Obito and Rin but later in their lifetimes. Obito has been wounded and is being tended to by Rin and is making excuses for his behaviour. Rin disapproves of this and brings to light what was said in the first flashback, making the scene quite emotional and shows us a depth of Obito we hadn’t seen before. The final segments of the chapter show Naruto questioning Obito about his most recent actions with the Juubi, pleading with him to give up the war and accept his fate. It ends with an emotional cliffhanger which makes me eager for the next chapter.

This chapter isn’t one packed with action but is instead here to help us develop understanding and inside empathy for Obito it seems. It’s not a bad chapter but it’s also a little dull. Despite the relatively slow pace of the chapter it’s a welcoming break from the high speed action we’ve had for a few chapters and also allows us a deeper view of Obito.

Rating: 6/10

Trouble Maker – Now MV Review

Trouble Maker is a sub-unit from Cube Entertainment consisting of Hyuna from 4Minute and Hyunseung from BEAST. They first hit the music scene back in December 2011, two years ago almost and their first track ‘Trouble Maker’ was sexy, charismatic and a top hit for me. The duo have such amazing chemistry and it’s no surprise that their latest mini album is titled ‘Chemistry’. Cube have been teasing a ridiculous amount of teaser photos and video teasers over the past week, showing that this sexy duo was going to be back with a bang. Sexier, hotter and more dramatic than before, Trouble Maker is back on the Korean music scene with ‘Now’ and wow, what a stunning video and song.

The music video begins with both Hyuna and Hyunseung in separate scenes, both with the opposite gender, showing what seems to be the end result of a breakup between the duo. Neither of them seem particularly happy with their circumstances, Hyunseung even throwing out the two girls he awoke with. We’re then treated to the chorus where the main focus is a dance shot. This dance looks just as risqué as their choreography for Trouble Maker which was constantly under orders to be toned down on the live music performances. Various scenes follow, mainly a dramatic scenario between Hyuna and Hyunseung, getting violent and angry at each other before Hyuna storms off, seemingly being the start of the breakup which led to the earlier scenes. This happens after a very sexual situation between the duo.

One of my favourite sequences happens next, showing Hyunseung in make-up similar to the Joker’s from Batman. It’s almost like split personality personified as when he’s got this make-up on he’s confident, snarky and seductive whilst when the make-up leaves he seems dazed and stunned, almost as if he can’t believe the type of person he’s capable of being. Scenes of the duo acting as a happy couple follow, ranging from cute scenes of sharing a blanket to hot and steamy scenarios where they act out a romantic escapade in the back of a car.

The final scenes don’t quite match up to the rest of the music video despite the fact they are immensely cool. Two cars perform donuts around Hyunseung and Hyuna as they dance and sing to the final chorus. We’re left with no proper conclusion to the video which could leave people unhappy but I’m quite content with what we were provided during the music video. The sexy duet are back even sexier than before as showing in a large amount of revealing outfits on Hyuna whilst I’m sure Hyunseung spends more time topless than with a shirt on. Hyuna looks stunning in all the various outfits she’s in, especially the amount of skin she shows and I can clearly see why people would be attracted to Hyunseung if they were attracted to males.

Despite being gone for nearly two years it’s clear that the chemistry between the two Trouble Maker members hasn’t sizzled out at all. A brilliant tune with a very appealing music video combine to make one of the greatest comebacks of this year for me. It should be noted that a 19+ version of the album is set to be released in a few weeks and I’m unsure if there will be a related music video. If there is, damn I cannot wait.

Rating: 9/10

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle S3 Episode 4 Review

Ah flashbacks. Isn’t it amazing how many questions they bring to the surface? We’re treated to one at the start of episode four with Raetsel dreaming about a past memory; Jin dreaming about Kaito, calling out his name too. This implies a sense of jealousy that Raetsel has for Kaito but this is merely speculation based on her reaction to this flashback. It’s not long after this that we’re shown another flashback, this time it belongs to Jin, showing him in the midst of a Fool’s Puzzle surrounded by flame. This comes up in the middle of an argument between Kaito and Raetsel, both of whom believe they know the true Jin. However, to me it seems that they might both be correct in parts as it seems that Jin encountered Raetsel after his time with Kaito. It’s weird that he could have experienced such a bipolar change of personality but I’m sure the truth will come out in due time. I personally feel it’s Raetsel misinterpreting what Jin had told her when she was younger.

The main focus on this episode besides the topic of the ‘true Jin’ is Cubik’s encounter with another member of Amgine, Dr Theorem. It soon becomes a battle of brains as Cubik offers to solve Theorem’s puzzle in defence of Kaito, Dr Theorem’s true target. The puzzle is a number puzzle, a large grid with numbers from zero to nine in each of the sections. The aim; find the most beautiful number. Whilst it sounds rather bizarre the solution is actually rather interesting from a mathematical view. However, Cubik doesn’t come to the solution alone as all his friends hear of his dispute and rush along, Kaito rushing onto the scene of the puzzle to assist him, the two working together to find the actual solution just before Cubik is about to give an incorrect solution.

The final scenes of the episode revert the attention back to Jin who seems to suffer some sort of mental breakdown after experiencing a situation similar to the scene in his flashback. This angers Raetsel who berates Kaito for this action and in one of the final scenes before the ending we see Kaito contemplating the idea that there is a Jin that he doesn’t know. I’m really curious about this encompassing plot about Jin and his true past, never too sure in who to believe as both sides devotedly believe they have the truthful view of Jin. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Also, I realised this episode that ‘Amgine’, a reoccurring brand of a company throughout this series so far, is Enigma spelled in reverse. Enigma is also a character closely related to Raetsel who seems to own the company. Just a random tidbit I noticed.

Rating: 7/10

Fairy Tail Chapter 357 Review

After last week’s destructive chapter of Fairy Tail, the start of this chapter is far less eventful. It is however very insightful as the starting few introduces numerous members of Tartaros, showing a brief amount of their individual personality. The fact that there are such diverse personalities within the guild is sure to keep the conflict between them and Fairy Tail interesting. There are some interesting character designs in the demons’ appearances, some looking more humanoid than others whilst some are clearly non-human. It is impossible right now to judge them completely but it’ll be interesting to see their skills and personalities later on in this arc.

After the dark introductions we’re treated to a comedic sketch between the three members of Laxus’ posse. It’s amusing to see these three usual serious members interact in a comedic scene although the comedy doesn’t last long as they’re interrupted by a destructive force. It becomes apparent that this person is one of the remaining members of Tartarus although he doesn’t mention his name which is confusing although it might be revealed in due time as his conflict with Fairy Tail continues.

He easily overpowers all three members of Fairy Tail with the aim of killing the ex-council member they’re with, showing off some impressive wind abilities which seem to act both offensive and defensively. Just when it seems he’s about to complete his goal he’s interrupted by Laxus who comes to the rescue. Laxus seems determined to fight off this new threat so the next chapter is likely to be very action focus as the two battle it out. Overall a decent chapter which begins to reveal more about the upcoming arc without giving away too much detail. It’s clearly going to be very destructive and eventful.

Rating: 7/10

Naruto Chapter 652 Review

After last week’s incredible cliffhanger we’re thrown straight back into the action with the reaction to that important strike against Obito. We’re brought up to date on just what Naruto’s plan was by a bit of inner thinking by one of the characters with praise shining onto Naruto. Naruto’s plan was to release the tailed beasts’ chakra from Obito’s body and then steal back the chakra that was stolen from them. This faces a few difficulties with some of the tailed beasts but Naruto’s friends once again come to each aid with regards to stealing back this chakra. It soon becomes clear that this plan is working.

It really is pleasing to see that Naruto, once a loner in the village of Konoha, is receiving such warm attention not only from his friends but from the entire ninja world as his importance is visible to each and every one of them. Considering I’ve read this manga from the beginning it has truly been enjoyable, albeit annoying at times, watching Naruto develop into the ninja he is in this chapter. It’s almost as if I’m proud of Naruto myself and this pride is further justified as Naruto begins to question his actions after seeing into Obito’s thoughts and feelings as a result of being linked to his chakra now. He’s quickly reassured by everyone’s assistance though.

The final few pages of the chapter are far less action orientated but pack a heavy emotional blow as Obito and Naruto face off in some sort of sealed off solitude. It seems that Obito is beginning to regret his actions, much to his surprise but Naruto is quick to speak up, doing what he does best and talks honestly about his feelings and how he can understand Obito’s. The chapter doesn’t end on a cliffhanger this time but it does end with Naruto making a powerful declaration which admittedly made me smile. I think this arc is nearing completion as I can’t see much more the author can add to this enemy.

Rating: 7/10